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My Work

As a graphic designer, I've worked on several projects that consisted of logo development, brand identities, package design, magazine and other layout collateral, website design, photography, illustration and hand lettering. Being able to work on numerous projects with different outcomes has truly shaped the designer I am today. 

My most favorite projects to work on are layouts of all kinds! Anywhere from editorial to brochures and advertisements, it's my most unique and strongest quality as a designer. I also love working on motion animation, videography and video editing, logos, branding and social media content. I've dabbled in various graphic design areas and have loved them all! 

Take a look at my most recent favorites! Some also have another gallery showcasing the full project or side aspects that help round out the project!


PAF 2022_cover.jpg
PAF 2022_local art scenepsd.jpg

Peter Anderson Festival Guide

Design: Madeline Simpson


An annual Ocean Springs arts and crafts festival guide with a scratch board theme. 

Cover and editorial spreads designed by me.


rayne_web_assets_LCM_COVER MOCKUP.png

Louisiana Children's Museum

Design: Madeline Simpson

Art Direction: Jesse Delamore and Josh Mayer


The Louisiana Children's Museum was looking for a creative, sophisticated look book to bring to their donor meetings. The concept is simple: A look book showcasing the museum's spectacular new space inspired by a children's book. This piece is meant to be interactive and fun while also showing future donors the educational benefit kids can have during their time at the museum.



Mississippi Gulf Coast FB Logo Design

Design: Madeline Simpson

The Mississippi Gulf Coast page was bought by M2Media Corp. Their previous logo was dated and was in need of a total facelift. 

My process of coming up with a look and feel had a lot to do with the culture and atmosphere that is Coastal MS. 

Final MS Gulf Coast Logo_Final 1.png

Secondary Solid Typeface

Final MS Gulf Coast Logo_Final 2.png

The M, I, & P descenders are heavily exaggerated to represent pilings on a pier with the water underneath. To this day you will see remnants of piers left behind from Katrina and other past storms. 

Final MS Gulf Coast Logo_FB Profile.jpg

Main Icon

Final MS Gulf Coast Logo_Final 4.png

Secondary Colorway

Stainless Steel.png
16 oz.png


MS Gulf Coast_White 1.png
MS Gulf Coast_Emerald .png
Isolated_White_Cap_Mockup_alternative logo & icon.png

JC Potter New Package Design Concept

Design: Madeline Simpson

Art Direction: Hollin Caire


JC Potter was looking to refresh their packaging to a more upscale, organic looking label — something you would see in a Whole Foods type market. 

My concept is all about the farm to table vision, specifically the history of the company and how it got started. The lineup has multiple flavors and with each one a unique color way is used to identify each one.





Video & Design: Madeline Simpson

Art Direction: Fernanda Burgel & Hollin Caire

A video shot in the PETERMAYER studio of a few employee's of different ethnicities highlighting their experience in the work force.

Design inspired by the colorful color ways of the PETERMAYER brand.


Quantum Fiber Logo Concept

CenturyLink was in the process of releasing a new internet service that would be available to the public, Quantum Fiber. This is one of the logo concepts I came up with that was presented to the client. This is only a beginning stage of the logo and brand identity development.

Design: Madeline Simpson

Art Direction: Hollin Caire

Madeline Simpson_QuantumLogo_r2-1.jpg

South Mississippi Living Magazine

Design & Photography: Madeline Simpson

Final cover design for the May 2021 issue for South MS Living Magazine. 


8666_CNTL_CONS_realistic-mockup_Let's Get Connected_Front View_r2+crop copy.jpg

Modem Package Design 

Design: Madeline Simpson

Art Direction: Hollin Caire


Package design concept for CenturyLink's new modem box that they were looking to release.

My design is inspired by an abstract representation of how "nodes" would travel from server to server all over the world. 


Marina Cantina_DT.jpg


Marina Cantina Advertisement

Design: Madeline Simpson

DT ad for the local Ocean Springs Guide book for Marina Cantina. I wanted to design something fun and creative that showcased the food and the views! 

Original logo and look for the section

Original RPRE Logo.png
RPRE_Gollott Lyons2_FP.jpg

Original profile for special section

South Mississippi Living Magazine
Real People of Real Estate Rebranding


Design: Madeline Simpson

A special section in the South Mississippi Living Magazine in need of a brand refresh and look. 

Since the magazine had been rebranded recently I was asked to come up with a new look and feel that compliments the new brand of the magazine. Below you'll see the original logo and how I refreshed the look for the 2021 & 2022 March issues.

Current Real People of Real Estate Branding

D.R. Horton_RPRE_FP.jpg
Jordyn O'Mara_RPRE_HPH.jpg

Alternate logo option

RPRE BRANDING_alternate logo.png
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